Dream Match: Brock Lesnar vs Shawn Michaels

People often wonder what dream matches that are still out there between active wrestlers, discussions are held on what attitude era performer could take on one of today’s generation of stars. There is one wrestler who transcend himself over many generations and battled the best at Wrestlemania and other shows, his name is Shawn Michaels. … Continue reading Dream Match: Brock Lesnar vs Shawn Michaels

Brian Pillman AOL Chat June 1997

Back in 1997 Brian Pillman sat down to answer questions with fans on AOL Chat. They discussed the Monday Night War, The Hart Foundation, NWO, ECW and his injury. OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 World Wrestling Federation, Titan Sports Inc.  Tonight's Guest is Brian Pillman ..Send your questions in for him!  To send your question to the … Continue reading Brian Pillman AOL Chat June 1997

Top 10 Most Summerslam Appearances

In anticipation for the biggest party of the summer... Summerslam 2020. We take a look at the wrestlers who have appeared the most at this prestigious event. 1. The Undertaker 16 appearancesThe long standing constant of WWE, The Undertaker has made the most appearances at the summer event. Undertaker has had title matches against Stone … Continue reading Top 10 Most Summerslam Appearances

Top 10 Highest Grossing WWE Summerslam Pay Per Views

WWE Summerslam is advertised as the biggest party of the summer and considered by many as the second biggest event of the year in the WWE calendar. We look at the highest grossing Summerslam pay per views by buy rate ever.  The first Summerslam in 1988 doesn’t feature in our Top 10 but grossed a … Continue reading Top 10 Highest Grossing WWE Summerslam Pay Per Views

Random ReWatch Series: Summerslam 1998

Nicknamed the Highway to Hell, Summerslam 1998 was the eleventh Summerslam to air, Taking place on August 30th at the home of WWE, Madison Square Garden. The first match of the event is a European Championship match between Val Venis and D’Lo Brown. The main focus of the match is D’Lo chest protector which Venis … Continue reading Random ReWatch Series: Summerslam 1998