WWE Draft 2020 Predictions

With the WWE Draft coming this weekend, held over two nights, this weeks Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw. We take a look at who could possibly be making a move.

One big move we could see is Sasha Banks moving to Raw. This would put her rivalry with Bayley on hold. With both set to clash on SmackDown this week, could we see a screwy finish where Bayley avoids confrontation and at the end of the night Sasha is drafted to Raw. Bayley ends up laughing and waving goodbye as Sasha and Bayley end up on different brands. This could lead to Sasha winning the Royal Rumble and challenging Bayley for the championship at Wrestlemania.

Also this week on SmackDown Big E and Sheamus square off in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. This immediately had me thinking that Big E could possibly switch but I actually think Sheamus will move to Raw, there are plenty of feuds in the mid card for Sheamus than there is on SmackDown.

With Sheamus moving over I can also see Baron Corbin moving to Raw to freshen up his character. He is in desperate need of dropping the king gimmick and a move to Raw will help that.

From Raw, I can see Alister Black going to the blue brand to help replace some of the mid carders leaving. Also with Angel Garza being out injured, presumably only for a couple of weeks, I still think we will see Andrade move to the blue brand and give him a new lease of life.

With the history of AJ Styles and Paul Heyman and Heyman now on Smackdown. Added into the fact that Styles likes Friday nights off to watch his sons football games. Will AJ Styles head back to Raw? He did put over Jey Uso this past week.

We have never seen Seth Rollins as part of the Smackdown brand. He has always been a RAW guy so it will be fresh. But they will have to keep him away from Roman Reigns as there’s a story to be had with a heel Reigns up against a face Rollins.

Kevin Owens and The Fiend have been on each other brands this week, we could see a switch between them. Where would that leave Alexa Bliss after it looks like she has just aligned with The Fiend.

One women’s division competitor who will be switching brands is Billy Kay. With Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke on Raw already, Kay will be switching to Smackdown to completely spilt the Iconics with Peyton Royce beginning to have a push on Monday nights.

Will NXT he involved? If they are my pick to be leaving NXT will be the Garganos Johnny and Candice. I imagine both will move to Raw which will help The Women’s roster. Austin Theory might make the jump and officially join Raw or maybe he might be drafted back to NXT.

The draft is always fun but sometimes in the past it has also been a let down. Here’s hoping we do get some fun moves and a great two nights of Raw and Smackdown.

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