5 Brock Lesnar Matches We Want To See

With Brock Lesnar away from our screens and Summerslam been and gone, a likely rematch with Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship and the heavily rumoured Bobby Lashley Match are two potential options for his return. However, there’re plenty of other Superstars he could face, so we take a look at five other superstars we would like the beast incarnate face on his return.

Matt Riddle

A former UFC fighter and now a member of the SmackDown roster, Matt Riddle and Lesnar have had words backstage in the past, most prominently at the Royal Rumble.  A match between former UFC fighters would be a much hyped spectacle.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee made a surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble this year going nose to nose with Lesnar. The Beast’s reaction to Lee making his way down to the ring was priceless and both men squaring off again would be a sight to see. With Lesnar putting McIntyre over this past year, Lesnar could make Keith Lee one of the biggest names in WWE if he puts his mind to it.



Edge returned this year and his feud with Randy Orton has been one of the best in recent times. Lesnar and Edge never had a standout feud between the years of 2002-2004. Edge would be injured for a big part of that period, with Lesnar was around the WWE Championship on SmackDown. Edge would be battling Eddie and Chavo Guerrero along with his team mate Rey Mysterio. Edge vs Brock Lesnar feels like one big Wrestlemania match.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles pins Ricochet, Undertaker style

AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar did meet once before at Survivor Series. The match was great with Lesnar having said in the past he enjoys working with smaller, athletic workers such as Styles and Daniel Bryan. A feud between the two would be phenomenal as you would see Styles taking the approach of defending guys who have had to work their way through the indies to reach the top whilst Lesnar just walked in and dominated.

Jeff Hardy

Back when Brock Lesnar first made his WWE debut back in 2002, his first feud was against Matt and Jeff Hardy. His match at Backlash 2002 against Jeff Hardy was brutal and Lesnar would win by ref stoppage. Hardy has grown as a superstar and knows his style a lot better than he did 18 years ago. Their match would have better story telling as Lesnar knows his style also and both can create a story much better these days. Looking at Brock Lesnar opponents for his return there are few big marquee matches but there are exciting new match-ups to see. A motivated Lesnar is what is needed when facing a new opponent to make the mystic around him happen. Just look at how the Lesnar McIntyre feud played out.

This article was first published at WrestlingSC.com

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