Jon Moxley Rise To The Top Of AEW

At All Elite Wrestling’s inaugural event Double or Nothing 2019, Chris Jericho had just defeated Kenny Omega in the main event when the hottest free agent in years walked through the crowd to a deafening roar. Jon Moxley formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE entered the arena and headed to the ring. In a sign of the character to come Moxley would attacked Jericho and Omega in the aftermath of their match. The ending of AEW first pay per view was a shot of Moxley standing tall. It was a sign that they had immediate faith in their new star and he would be one of the main focuses of their show.

The ending of Double or Nothing proved that there was no doubt that Moxley was a superstar. AEW started to promote Mox’s first match for the promotion in a match that Moxley excels at, a Unsanctioned match at Fyter Fest against Joey Janela. Moxley would pick up the win in a hardcore brutal battle by hitting the Paradigm Shift on to thumbtacks. The aftermath of the match is where Moxley first feud would continue to gather pace as Kenny Omega would attack Mox. Looking for revenge, Omega and the prevailer of violence would brawl and Omega would hit Moxley with a guitar and finish by hitting a DDT on a trashcan.    

It was later announced that Jon Moxley would face Kenny Omega at All Out in August. But just a week before the event Moxley announced that he had an infection in his elbow and he was unable to compete at the event. Omega would go on to face PAC at the event leaving the highly anticipated match between Omega and Moxley waiting for another day.

Move on to the very first episode of All Elite Wrestling’s new prime time show Dynamite. Jon Moxley made his return and went straight after Kenny Omega, going straight back to where they left off. They would brawl all around the arena ending when Moxley hit a DDT through a glass table. With Mox and Omega match at All Out postponed it worked out for the better as both men now had a weekly television show to build up to their match which had been rescheduled for Full Gear. Their match at the pay per view would be fought under a Unsanctioned Lights Out Match.

The match at Full Gear was a brutal, hard hitting hardcore match that saw thumbtacks, chairs, barbed wire used. They would then take apart the ring exposing the wooden slates underneath. Moxley would pick up the win by hitting the Paradigm Shift onto the wooden slates after Omega missed a Phoenix Splash. This match would end the Omega and Moxley feud and elevate Moxley just that little bit more ready for his next feud against the AEW World Champion Chris Jericho. 

Chris Jericho had been the AEW World Champion since All Out. While Omega and Mox have been going at it, The self proclaimed ‘Le Champion’ Jericho had formed his new stable ‘The Inner Circle’. The group consisted of Jericho, Jack Hager who was formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE. Sammy Guevara, Ortiz and Santana. Jericho tried to recruit Moxley to the Inner Circle and after weeks Jon Moxley took of his shirt to reveal a Inner Circle T-Shirt.  

This was a ruse though as later that evening Moxley attacked Jericho and Guevara and making it clear he had his eyes set on Jericho AEW World Championship. At Bash of the Beach held on January 15th, Jon Moxley and Sammy Guevara went one on one but Moxley got attacked by The Inner Circle. Jericho would remove a metal spike from his jacket and strike Moxley in the eye.

Moxley would wear a eyepatch until Revolution and Moxley would defeat PAC in the weeks before to become the number one contender for ‘Le Champion’ championship. Their match at Revolution would see Jericho have a grand entrance with a choir singing his entrance theme. During the match Inner Circle tried to interfere but it wasn’t enough. Moxley would remove his eye patch to reveal he could see all along and hit his paradigm Shift to win the AEW World Championship in one of the first true iconic moments in AEW history. 

From the very beginning Jon Moxley has been portrayed as the top guy in the company. The reaction of his first appearance was that of a megastar and Kenny Omega putting him over only elevated his status as the man that AEW is getting behind. Putting the championship on him so soon was a fantastic idea as they capitalised on his popularity whilst at its peak. His feud with Jericho was brilliant as they share great chemistry and Moxley looked like a star as he took on and defeated the Inner Circle without making them look weak. 

With successful defences against Brodie Lee and Brian Cage, Moxley faces his toughest challenge yet at All Out when he defends his championship against MJF.

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