Brian Pillman AOL Chat June 1997

Back in 1997 Brian Pillman sat down to answer questions with fans on AOL Chat. They discussed the Monday Night War, The Hart Foundation, NWO, ECW and his injury.

OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 World Wrestling Federation, Titan Sports Inc.  Tonight’s Guest is Brian Pillman ..Send your questions in for him!  To send your question to the speaker, click on the Interact icon, then use the Ask a Question option.

WWFBBANKS: Here comes the Loose Cannon folks!

OnlineHost: Ladies and Gentlemen. . . please welcome the Loose Cannon BRIAN PILLMAN!

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I’d like to say it’s great to be here, but I can’t. I’ve got better things to do. My schedule can ill afford to take a precious hour to talk to the mindless masses.

Question: Brian, tell us about the match this past Monday on RAW is WAR? Why would you face someone like Austin? He is the best the WWF has to offer.

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Because I am the best in the WWF. If he is the best the WWF has to offer, then that’s a quick way to shut everyone up. By putting him in the most embarrassing situation in his life on national TV, that’s how!

Question: When do you think the next member of the Hart Foundation will arrive?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Well I can’t tell you that! I’m not about to tell you mindless idiots that!

Question: What are your feelings and attitudes towards Eric Bischoff?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: No I don’t give a damn about Eric. I’ve got far more important things to occupy my time right now.

Question: Are the rumors that Sunny wants to join the Hart foundation true and will you let her in or what?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I haven’t heard any rumors, and don’t try to draw and conclusions about those pictures you saw. It was perfectly innocent situation.

Question: Brian, do you think you will ever wrestle at 100% again?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: 70% of Brian is better than a 100% of anyone else on this planet. But I am close to being 100% right now. The only reason I am being brought along slowly is that people are afraid of what I might do.

Question: Brian, why have you joined the Hart Foundation, and what is your relationship with them?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I’ve never officially joined them. I’m very good friends with them all from when I broke in Calgary, and I’m a big fan of their ideology and their honesty. They tell it like it is.

Question: Brian, what are your thoughts on the Bret/Shawn backstage incident?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: This is another example of the Harts doing what they want to do when they want. You see the end result: Bret is still in the WWF and Shawn is on another sabbatical. Just another statement of how tough we are.

Question: What do you think about the New World Order?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Well they seem to be able to maintain some of the better athletes in that organization. You have talent like that, you are bound to be successful, just like any sport.

Question: What do you think of Shawn Michaels?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I think he is a great athlete, but he’s just not as tough as he needs to be. He doesn’t have the killer instinct like the hart Foundation does. And personally I don’t know him that well, I don’t hang around with him, so I can’t give you my personal opinion towards him.

Question: Brian, the Anvil has been out of wrestling for a while. What are your thoughts on him?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: He’s an excellent addition because of the fact he’s been with the Foundation for so long. He is a cornerstone. He has the killer instinct and experiences. He’s not afraid to break the rules when he needs to.

Question: What do you think of all the Professional football players turning into Pro Wrestlers since you use to play for the Bengals?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: No, I think when I made the switch I spent two solid years learning the sport and paying my dues. These new era of football guys think they can just jump right in the ring with no training and I think it is a complete joke. It’s akin to Jordan thinking he can go from the NBA to Baseball and prosper there.

Question: Brian, what are your thoughts on the ECW making a presence in the WWF?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I don’t think it will last. I think it is a joke. They are a bush-league promotion. They wrestle in a bingo hall in front of about 400 people. I wouldn’t even call them a flash in the pan because I haven’t even seen a spark out of them. They are wasting valuable TV time that should be devoted to the Loose Cannon so I can speak my ideologies. And my beliefs.

Question: Brian, what do you think of the Light-heavyweight division? Will you participate in it?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I’d never do it. Why would I lower myself to that? I’m punching out and beating up the WWF has to offer, why would I sacrifice that to go in to the ring to destroy some light heavyweight punk? It’s a division to enable illegal aliens from Mexico and Japan to come across the border. It’s got no place in the sport.

Question: Pillman, do you know anything about the Car accident with Sid, Furnas/Lafon and Flash Funk?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Fortunately they were treated and released. I hope there weren’t any serious injury. They were bumped up and bruised pretty badly.

Question: Brian, what are your thoughts on Stone Cold?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Well its a testimony to our society and the social depravity that is descending into the quagmire. When Stone Cold gets the hero worship, these people are giving him it’s a classic example that America is becoming the same cesspool like the rest of the world. If you want a real John Wayne hero type, you better look towards the Loose Cannon.

Question: What do you think of Nitro keep beating Raw in the ratings. Why is this happening?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Nitro is on TNT which is a male dominated network with virtually all of their programming geared towards that audience. Their ratings reflect that audience of males. They can also shamelessly plug their show all week on that station while we don’t have the opportunity to do that on USA. As you will see, the gap has been closing steadily with a point here and there. Those type of statistical data, it’s probably a coin flip either way week to week.

Question: Brian, wrestling seems to be heading toward bigger guys that use High-flying skills. How will this effect you with your injury? How can you adjust your style?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: It doesn’t effect me at all. Going out and punching people out, kicking them while they are down, abusing them, that’s my style. Why would I have to take a high risk style? I have a winning formula. The biggest risk someone can take is getting in the way with me. I don’t take chances, I just take people out.

Question: Brian, when will we see some merchandise with your name on it? Stone Cold has his?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: That’s a classic example of discrimination I’m faced with. I guess they don’t want to come to the realization that Pillman is God and not Austin. They should put my merchandise out there and it will skyrocket. It would certainly pale his by comparison.

Question: Brian, I believe you were one of the BEST Horseman during your time with them. How do you feel about the NEW Horseman?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: They suck. There’s no question I was the lifeblood of the 4 Horsemen. I was the black heart that pumped the ice water through their veins. Everyone could see after I left the Horsemen lost their mystique and are nothing but a parody of their once proud self.

Question: Brian, do you still keep in touch with other wrestlers from other organizations?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I have several friends in the business who work for other organizations . The nature of the sport is that wrestlers take time off and resurface. Friends are sometimes working with you, working other places, its the nature of the beast. However, I am not at liberty to state their names.

Question: Brian, wrestlers have gone from Federation to Federation. Do you think you will stay in the WWF? Do you feel there is no loyalty anymore?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Personally I’m a very loyal person. I was taught that growing up as a kid in sports and in college when I was with the same program for 4 years. I think I proved to WCW how loyal I was. Time after time they misguided my career, and I wasn’t given the opportunities I deserved, but I still stuck with them. I’m very excited to be in the WWF and I would like nothing more that to work hard and finish my career here. I would also like to do some color commentating here once my career is over.

Question: Brian, do you regret your stint with ECW? Did you feel it was a mistake to be with them?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Yea I do. I think it tarnished my image. It was a major step backwards. But by the same token, it made me appreciate the opportunity to work in the big time and be in the big show.

Question: Brian, you have a CRAY attitude and seem to really be a LOOSE cannon? Do you think this attitude give you a bad rap with the fans?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I really don’t care because most of the fans are too ignorant to appreciate the vast talents that I have. I don’t lose any sleep at night because of what some mindless morons may think of me.

Question: Brian, how hard was it to be home with an injury and watch wrestling from home?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: It was the most difficult year of my life to see inferior talent reap the rewards of this great sport. But by the same token, it sharpened my fangs for my return to the ring.

Question: Brian, with the Canadian Stampede a few weeks away, what will be the Hart Foundation Strategy going in?

WWFBBANKS: Brian: Do what we do best: KICK ASS! It’s a real simple game plan. Go out there and humiliate the opposing team every chance we have.

WWFmatrat: Brian Pillman thanks for taking the time to join us tonight! Good luck down the road!

WWFBBANKS: Brian: I’ve wasted enough of my time here tonight. Try to have a great day, I know it’s a near impossible task for you mindless morons, but at least give it a try.

OnlineHost: Well, thank you to Mr. Pillman:( Well, thank you WWF Fans for attending! I’m sure you enjoyed getting blasted by the Loose Cannon:)))..NOT! We hope to see you all tomorrow night again at 8pm ET!.. We will have WWF Trivia Night at 8pm Et right here in the Coliseum!….You could be asked to join us on stage 🙂 Stump us with your WWF Trivia question and YOU will win a WWF Prize Pack! Thanks again Mr. Pillman…Everyone Have a great Night!:) Copyright 1997 World Wrestling Federation, Titan Sports Inc.

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