Top 5 WWE Summerslam Ladder Matches

With Summerslam 2020 fast approaching we take a look at the top 5 ladder matches to have taken place at the biggest event of the summer.

1. Summerslam 2000
WWF Tag Team Championships 
Edge and Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz 

After their epic triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania, these three teams changed the history of the ladder match again with the first ever table, ladders and chairs match. A highly entertaining match with crazy spots. Easily the greatest ladder match in Summerslam history.

2. Summerslam 1998
The Rock vs Triple H
WWF Intercontinental Championship

Before The Rock and Triple H were main eventing Wrestlemania and battling over the WWF Championship, they feuded over the Intercontinental championship as leaders of their respective factions. Triple H would emerge victorious on this occasion in a very good storytelling ladder match.

3. Summerslam 2005
Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Custody of Dominik

One of the fondly remembered feuds of Eddie Guerrero’s career due to the wild storyline involving Mysterio son. With Guerrero claiming to be Dominik father, we had a ladder match for custody. Mysterio would go on to win thanks to help from Guerrero wife Vicki. Interestingly enough Dominik makes his in ring debut 15 years later at Summerslam taking on Seth Rollins.

4. Summerslam 1995
Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon
WWF Intercontinental Championship

In a rematch from their Wrestlemania match, Michaels and Ramon put on another classic ladder match. Not in the same league as their other ladder match but still a very enjoyable match.

5. Summerslam 2009 
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy 
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match 

CM Punk and Jeff Hardy put on a classic TLC match. Hardy put’s his body on the line, he would do a Swanton Bomb off a ladder through the announcers table. He would take a break after this match and it would be Punk who would grab the belt to win the championship. After the match The Undertaker would appear to chockslam Punk. 

Honourable mention 

Summerslam 2001
Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam 
Hardcore Championship 

In the middle of the invasion, The Alliance’s RVD took on the WWFs Jeff Hardy in a technical ladder match for the Hardcore Championship. A good match that is totally forgotten at times when discussing invasion angle.

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