Random ReWatch Series: Smackdown Xtreme

Smackdown Xtreme Logo

On our second edition of Random ReWatch Series we go back to 1st of February 2001 in Columbus Ohio where this episode of Smackdown went Xtreme. WWF decided to beef up this episode of Smackdown as they were head to head against Survivor, premiering a second season and Friends, with all 3 airing at the same time. They felt they needed to do something to compete on this evening and hence we have Smackdown Xtreme. The show opens with a special intro which includes a red X flashing every so often.

The first match of the night sees the Dudley Boyz defend their WWF Tag Team Championships against the Hardy Boyz in a tables match. The Hardy’s won the right to face the champions on Raw, the match is quick paced and both team go through their signature moves straight away before Bubba tells D’Von to ‘Get The Tables’. With a table set up in the ring the Dudleys’ try and flapjack Matt through the table but Jeff pushes the table out of the way. With a table beneath them Bubba is about to power bomb Jeff off the top rope but Matt leaps from the other corner leg dropping the table. Smashing it into pieces, then in a dangerous move Bubba still powerbombs Jeff into the broken table. Can you imagine a table piece was upright when Bubba couldn’t see? Jeff would have seriously been hurt.

Matt then grabs a ladder and sets up two tables on the outside. Matt would climb the ladder but be cut off from D’Von. Both would be at the top of the ladder inside the ring and were meant to fall through the tables on the outside. In another scary moment, both men fail to make the table and catch the end of them. Both seem dazed from the fall as Bubba and Jeff fight their way up the ramp. Bubba would Bubba Bomb Jeff off the ramp through the table below to pick up the win for the Dudleyz. The match is brutal with some sore looking spots but a great watch at the same time. 

After the match all four men are down in the backstage area being seen by medics when Lita arrives, worried about her partners. They tell her to concentrate on her Women’s Championship match against Ivory.

Ivory defends her Women’s Championship Against Lita and Jacqueline

On Raw Lita and Jaqueline squared off for the right to face Ivory but Ivory would get involved setting up a triple threat match. The match itself is forgettable, it ends when Lita hits her moonsault on Jackie but Ivory would throw Lita out and pick up the win and retain her WWF Women’s Championship.

Throughout the first part of the show we would see clips of Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking beer in the back. He would actually be drinking beer in the room of Triple H and Stephanie. To irate Triple H more, Austin would offer Hunter a can of beer but refused. Tension was building between the pair as they headed to No Way Out as both were under contract not to touch each other under zero tolerance.

Next up Edge and Christian head to the ring and say they have a huge match. They would face Kaientai but they would come out and in a reversal from Raw. Kaientai, using their voiceover gimmick, announced that Edge and Christian opponents were actually the APA. In a hard hitting match Edge and Christian decided to grab some chairs and look to hit the con-chair-to on Faarooq but Funaki runs in and pushes Faarooq out of the way and takes the move. Faarooq ends up hitting a brutal spin buster on Christian for the win.

In the back Vince McMahon is seen screaming at production staff until

William Regal informs him he has a phone call from a special someone. McMahon’s attitude changes and we head into a commercial break. Afterwords McMahon is on the phone and is excited because the person on the other end of the phone is in Columbus.

We then see Billy Gunn with the Coach talking about Chyna when The Big Show turns up and attacks Gunn and threatens the Coach.

We cut to Trish talking on the phone to someone whilst she is in the bath tub covered in bubbles. She invites the person on the other end of the phone to join her tonight in the tub.

Triple H, angry with Austin, talks with his wife Stephanie who says she’s going to talk to her dad and see if she can help take his mind off the rattlesnake.

Chris Jericho would come down to the ring and hold an open challenge for his Intercontinental championship. Tazz would answer the challenge and make his way down to the ring. Their match was entertaining but odd in the fact Tazz managed to get the tazzmission in and good guy Jericho would resort to a low blow behind the refs back to gain advantage and pick up the victory. It just made Tazz look weaker more than he already did and didn’t show Jericho in a good light either. 

In the back Vince is about to leave in his limo (To go see Trish) but Stephanie stops him and questions where he is going. Vince says something important has come up and agrees to Stephanie’s request that Triple H is added to the WWF Championship main event between Kurt Angle and The Rock.

The show moves on to The Kat appearing on the stage. She says there are other ways to make Smackdown Xtreme other than table matches, she announces the Right to Nudity. Before she can strip, to nobody’s surprise the Right to Censor appear covering The Kat. They take her to the back as Steven Richards says he will no longer let the fans hide behind their ignorance and promises that they will go Xtreme and it would be for our own good. Steven Richards showed great fire in this promo and was excellent.

The Rock is interviewed by Kevin Kelly, The Rock does his usual catchphrases and tells Triple H and Kurt Angle to just bring it.

The Big Show defeats ‘The One’ Billy Gunn in easy fashion which seems to be the final nail in Billy Gunns return push. 

Austin approaches Triple H and appologies for earlier and offers him a beer. Hunter refuses the beer so Austin opens it and it sprays all over the game. Triple H is ready to explode as Austin leaves with a smirk on his face.

Kurt Angle is interviewed by Lillian Garcia backstage who complains that he is now in a triple threat match but says he isn’t surprised, the fans want to see him lose the WWF Championship but it will be Triple H and The Rock who would be losers.

The Undertaker and Kane are interviewed by Kevin Kelly and Undertaker says that up next, their going to leave Rikishi and Haku in a pile of their own blood.

The next match up is The Brothers of Destruction battle against Rikishi and Haku in a Tag Team First Blood match. Kane and Taker meet Rikishi and Haku on the ramp and have an all out brawl. Rikishi slams Takers head into the announcers table repeatedly, The deadman makes a comeback and slams Rikishi in the ring steps whilst Kane and Haku continue to brawl in and out of the ring. Rikishi grabs a chair and hits Undertaker on the back, before he can hit again Kane cuts him off. Haku then superkicks Kane and Rikishi grabs the chair and hits the deadman on the head sending him down. Haku and Rikishi then double team Kane until Taker makes a comeback. He and Haku fight on the outside when Taker grabs a chair and hits Haku hard on the head. Taker gives Kane the ringsteps and Kane rams them into the head of Rikishi. Both are now bleeding as the ref calls for the bell.

After the match, Taker and Kane aren’t done just yet and continue to beat on a bloody Rikishi and Haku until they escape and retreat.

The match is a total burial of Rikishi and Haku. Rikishi would be sidelined shortly through injury and would never reach the heights he achieved over the last 6 months. 

The main event takes place and as all three men go at it, Stone Cold Steve Austin music plays across the arena and he makes his way down to ringside as Triple H watches annoyed that Austin is getting involved. Distracted by Austin, Angle appears and hits the Angle Slam on the game but The Rock breaks up the pin. Austin takes a seat at ringside and watches the match whilst drinking beer. Hunter ends up on the floor and Austin walks over and puts a can of beer next to him. As he notices the beer, Triple H, furious swots the beer away. 

The Rock manages to hit the Rock Bottom on Kurt Angle but Stephanie McMahon distracts referee Earl Hebner. Triple H hits Rock from behind but reverses it into a spinebuster followed by the people’s elbow. But once again Stephanie distracts Hebner. The Game then barges into Hebner causing a ref bump, Hunter then tries to hit Kurt with a pedigree but the Olympic champion hits a low blow and rolls up Triple H. Austin runs into the ring and does a fast 3 count with Hebners arm for the finish. Apparently that will class as a official win, silly but very entertaining. 

Austin celebrates up the ramp as Triple H and Stephanie are furious in the ring to close the show. 

This episode of Smackdown was a fun edition and has a little bit more thanks to some good matches with extra stipulations. This episode is worth going out of your way to see more than most episodes of Smackdown as it is a fun show with different scenarios for the wrestlers to tell their angles compared to a normal Smackdown show.

You can view our first edition of Random ReWatch Series… WCW Spring Stampede 2000

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