The Radicalz Reform In Late 2000

The group of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko jumped ship from WCW to WWE in January 2000 and became known as The Radicalz. They would change the performances of WWF’s mid card division with a more hard hitting, high intensity approach. They would stay together until Judgement Day in May when Benoit and Guerrero would get bigger pushes than Malenko and Saturn. By No Mercy in late October, Chris Benoit had moved up the card and received two WWF Championship matches in the main event of pay per views and Eddie Guerrero had become one of the most popular characters along with Chyna. 

Guerrero by No Mercy had split from Chyna and become a heel once again and would miss the show because of a slight knee injury. Perry Saturn was in and around the hardcore division and had Terri Runnels as his valet. Dean Malenko would hold the Light-heavyweight championship but would hardly defend the title or be on Raw and Smackdown. Chris Benoit would be in the match before the main event battling Triple H and be in main event of Raw and Smackdown nearly every week.

The night after No Mercy on Raw, Chris Benoit defeated Roadogg when Dean Malenko would interfere and help out Benoit, After the match Benoit and Malenko would shake hands. At Smackdown on the Thursday afterwords, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko battled Triple H and Roadogg in a Tag Team Match, Perry Saturn would appear and get involved to help out his old pals. A week later on Smackdown, Chris Benoit would battle Triple H in a rematch from No Mercy and Eddie Guerrero would interfere and reunite the Radicalz 5 months after they broke up.

Triple H with the Radicalz

The Radicalz’s next two weeks on the road to Survivor Series would see a drastic turn in events of who they have aligned with compared to the past two weeks since No Mercy. The next Raw, Triple H would team with his old DX pals when he teams with Roadogg, Billy Gunn and Chyna against the Radicalz. Triple H would pick up the win but the Radicalz would beat on their opponents after the match. Later that evening Triple H would revel that he was the one who orchestrated the hit and run on Stone Cold Steve Austin, turning heel once again.

The next Smackdown, The Radicalz for no apparent reason would attack Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock before their match against Triple H and Rikishi. Out of now where with no explanation, The Radicalz are aligned with Triple H and are on the same page. After 6 weeks of a bitter feud where Benoit hit Stephanie and calls her a bitch, they are on the same page.

The Radicalz at Survivor Series 2000

The Raw and Smackdown before Survivor Series, The Radicalz would sit in the McMahon-Helmsley office and do the dirty work of Triple H with no explanation on why they are now aligned with The Game. At Survivor Series they would be all seen together joking and laughing, all on the same page as if nothing had happened between Triple H and Benoit. In early September Triple H and Guerrero would even have a run in when he caught Chyna and The Game hugging. The Radicalz including Benoit are the henchmen for Triple H and Rikishi in their war with Austin and The Rock and become second thoughts. 

This is a serious plot hole which is never filled in. It’s very poor to move from one angle to another without discussing it or even trying to justify the changes in characters. Why did Chris Benoit need to be involved, could they have done it without him? I suppose they could have used others for this who could take a beating and fight with the two most over superstars of all time. It’s typical Attutide Era booking that is rushed and moves 100mph and is one of the main things of this era that doesn’t hold up over time.

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