The Wrestling Book supports WrestleCares

The Wrestling Book is proud to announce a new partnership with Wrestlecares.


WrestleCares started in Autumn 2019 in Hull, East Yorkshire, with the simple idea of spreading our love of wrestling to children and families at Christmas time. With the support and encouragement of local wrestling fans, this quickly grew, and we decided to promote this all year round via our Social Media. Our 5 members collect various items of new merchandise (books, magazines, figures, cosplay items etc.) to distribute between giveaways via Facebook and distributing to local children’s charities. At the moment we are totally self-funded but we hope, with the passion and support of other wrestling fans, we can, at the very least triple our total of 12 shoeboxes to 36 for this Christmas.

Through our sponsorship of a local rugby team, we were contacted by a children’s charity. On their behalf we were able to organise tickets for children who are or have been affected by cancer to attend For the Love of Wrestling in Liverpool. We have also arranged tickets to our local wrestling events for families to attend.

Whilst the current situation has led to these events been postponed and hindered our immediate ambitions, it has not dampened our long-term goals for the charity.  As an interim measure we continue to keep our followers engaged using Social Media but look forward to when we can start to promote the charity in person again.

Even though we are in our infancy we have already garnered support WWE Superstar, Imperium’s own Alexander Wolfe, and AEW/TNA and International Legend, Christopher Daniels. as well as receiving support from our local independent wrestling promotion, New Generation Wrestling, and it’s incredible talent. We extend our thanks to the organisation and their superstars.

Some of the gifts WrestleCares have delivered.

Plans for the future:

With some of Hull’s finest wrestlers engaged in our mission, our immediate plans are to strengthen the local support and start to spread this message nationwide. By attending wrestling shows and national conventions we will be promoting ourselves and introducing some of the world’s top stars to WrestleCares.  At the same time, we need to ensure our ultimate priority is maintained – creating a positive influence in people’s lives through the love of professional wrestling. With this in mind, we will be looking to expand our contacts within charities and care community so that we can form a closer relationship with those who will benefit most.

To help us achieve our goals we welcome donations of any new and unused wrestling merchandise and are actively seeking partnerships or sponsorship.  If you feel you would like to be involved or believe you will benefit from our support, then please get in touch.  We look forward to speaking with you and are happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you very much to ‘The Wrestling Book’ for allowing us to partner up and create this feature.


Andy, Ash, Ben, Dan & Joe

WrestleCares Team

Facebook: WrestleCares 

Twitter: @CaresWrestle


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