The Re-Writing Of Wrestlemania Series Part 1: Introduction

I recently discovered and found a Wrestlemania encyclopaedia that was released in 2001 but was written in 2000. This is a interesting time for this encyclopaedia because Wrestlemania was synonymous with one man and that one man had now been with WWE fiercest rivals WCW, that man of course is the immortal Hulk Hogan.

This 2001 edition was published on 19-03-2001 in the lead up for Wrestlemania X-7 which would take place on the first weekend of April. Obviously timed to be released around Wrestlemania season, the book originally comes with a highlight dvd of previous Wrestlemania. The book covers Wrestlemania 1 up right until Wrestlemania 16 which of course was called Wrestlemania 2000.

Reviews of the book looks varied as Google book reviews only have one review from 2007 which reads

“This isn’t an insider’s story, as the title proclaims. There’s nothing in year that you won’t know if you’ve watched the wrestlemanias.”

Whilst a review from Amazon highly rates the book.

“This is a great book with amazingly good quality pictures and facts about all main matches and rivalries from Wrestlemania 1-16 a must have for any wrestling fan”

As I looked at the cover myself and saw that their was no sign of Hogan, the man now in 2020 is synonymous with the history of Wrestlemania and truly regarding as one of the founding fathers of the event. I also notice their are two different covers to this book that can be found. It may be a case that on the original book with the dvd their has a front cover which has been lost from my copy. I have attached pictures for reference

Whilst glancing over the copy I realised I have another encyclopaedia regarding Wrestlemania and that is the 30th anniversary edition of Wrestlemania. I thought to myself there must be different accounts of certain events in these books. 

Over time I will be studying both books looking into if and maybe how WWE has rewritten history and then re wrote once again for both books. Remembering that their main players in the early years of Wrestlemania now worked for their rivals it would be interesting how they would perceive them. Would they shine good light and acknowledge the achievements of Hogan, Piper, Savage and Warrior in their 2001 edition as they no doubt will in their 30th anniversary edition? 

I am interested on how the 2001 edition portrays Randy Savage as he was ‘black listed’ by WWE in 2001 and more relaxed towards him by the 30th edition published in 2014.

I have no doubt knowing they way WWE have rewritten history in the past I’m sure they will have done it here. If it hasn’t been changed completely it will have changed the narrative to suit the company stance at that time. I hope you enjoy the ride along with me.

If you have any comments or own the book itself please get in touch either in the comments or on Twitter @Thewresbook

My front cover of the Wrestlemania book

The version for sale on amazon

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